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Surge in ADHD diagnoses gets a red flag - FRANCE 24

Is ADHD over diagnosed? Over medicated?

(Disclamor - I do not know anything about this topic. I am just trying to find non Obamacare debates)

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Sometimes I do feel like it is overly diagnosed (like if a doc says a 2 year old has it). I also feel like in addition to medication or even before starting any, lifestyle changes should happen. My son used to watch too much tv/electronics and now he only gets an hour a day if that. I also cut his dessert down to one time a week. His behavior has done a 180 (even though I never really suspected AD/HD).

I personally have AD/HD but only the AD part. I wish I was hyperactive maybe I'd lose weight, lol. But my AD is really bad and I suspect it was present since I was younger due to my academic history, etc. I am thankful for my medicine to help me now.

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I do believe it is being both over-diagnosed and over-medicated. The child psychiatrist we consulted said he will never diagnose ADHD without first investigating sleep, diet, electronics & other screen time, and the stability of home life. Sadly, many doctors don't ask those questions and just hand out the diagnosis when the real problem is lack of sleep, lack of nutritious food, or too much negative stimuli. And sadly, it seems a lot of parents would rather feed their kid a pill than cut off the junk food that keeps the kids from complaining so much or turning off the babysitter... er, I mean TV.

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I do think it is over diagnosed I dont know that I think it is way over diagnosed, but I do think it is way over medicated. I have a few students that are already on Ridalin, at 4, and none of the moms tried any lifestyle changes first

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Way over diagnosed. I have one nephew with ADHD and even as an adult bounces off the walls. He was on ritalin for a few months but it made him a zombie so he stopped taking it. He is now over 30 and a paramedic so I would say that he did pretty well for someone who could not sit still 2 minutes in school (diet, sleep, etc was ruled out as issues). My other sister had my niece put on ritalin and faked her way through getting my niece diagnosed ADHD when a more placid child I have never seen, not saying that my niece was not attention deficit (she may have been) but definitely not hyperactive . There is no way she needed to be medicated but it was a control thing with my sister, my niece was growing up and she did not like it. My niece now has some issues that I wonder if were caused by being medicated when she did not need to be.

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slightly OT: I know we had a hard time making the decision to give Robbie medication for his anxiety. We did try other things first and the anxiety was at a level that he was not able to function. I am not sure if the anxiety is related to his Asperger's or not. I suffer from bad anxiety so it could be a separate issue. Either way, we did not make the decision easily and still hate him being on anything.

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Over diagnosed? Yes, probably
Over medicated? Definitely yes.

I think it's not only parents looking for a quick fix,many doctors pull this as a first resort and many people will not do their own research. The whole 'doctor knows best" thing.

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Over diagnosed and medicated.

DSD's teacher tried to her have diagnosed as ADHD and she isn't. She was having sleep and sugar issues and was a chatterbox in class. But it was easy for the teacher to push the label and try to have it controlled. That didn't happen until she got old enough to stop talking in class (last year).

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I think it is over diagnosed and medicated because we expect kids to act do things like sit in a classroom for hours on end with no support, and in our school system, one way to get that support for your kid is to have them diagnosed ADHD. It isnt always the teacher or the parents, but the situation that forces a diagnosis. I have a friend whos son is NOT diagnosed with ADHD, but with a rainbow of other things. He presents very much like ADHD though. She actually fought to have him diagnosed with ADHD because it was the only way she could get extra help for him in the classroom, but once the other diagnoses was made, it was impossible to find someone to change it. She tried all the diet and lifestyle changes, and they didnt help. He was finally falling farther and farther behind at school, had no friends, and was starting to try to leave the school to go home in the middle of the day on a regular basis. She felt at that point she needed to medicate him for his own safety and well being. He is doing much better now, but I know she still feels guilt for giving him the meds.