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Does anyone else think that it is an invasion of privacy that the advertisements you see on-line are directly related to things you look up online? For example DH and I have been looking to buy a queen sized captain's bed and have been Googling them. So our ads on different websites we go are related to captain beds. There is an ad on the top of this page for homeschoolers. Is it just a coincidence, or is someone compiling a big list of all my Google searches and picking adds based on that?

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It is not a coincidence, that's how ad targeting works online. There are ways to opt out, I believe.

I find it to be MORE of an invasion of privacy to call my home unsolicited or send me mail I didn't ask for. To me, that's pushing into an area where I did NOT invite anyone. When I get flyers in the mail I get so mad, it's like someone's bringing garbage to my house and dumping it there for me to clean up. At least with the phone I know not to answer.

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I don't like it at all. I first discovered this was happening a few weeks ago when I was searching for chair slip covers. When I opened my hotmail account I saw the slip covers I was looking at from on I felt really bothered by that. So in my google chrome area I selected to disable this feature but somehow that didn't work. It's not that I'm looking at something bad or anything but I just feel like it's an invasion of my privacy and Im the only one using this computer!