American athletes not wearing red, white, & blue?

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American athletes not wearing red, white, & blue?

Fox News goes after US gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas

Gabby Douglas and her teammates have been criticized for not wearing red, white, and blue. Since they are representing the USA, they should wear the nation's colors. Is there some merit to the point?

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I swear people go out of their way to get offended about stuff. To me, gymnastics is a performance sport, comparable to ice skating. No one freaks out when ice skaters don't wear red white and blue. I think it's just the current political climate where certain elements feel like EVERYTHING is (or should be) politicized. Let's not focus on her bringing the gold home for the US, let's worry about her outfit and whether or not it's patriotic enough. :rolleyes: Stupid.

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While I really like to see our Olympic athletes in red, white, and blue, I don't really mind when they choose something else especially in the individual competitions. Team competitions should be in the nation's colors. I'm not sure why, but that's my stand. Blum 3

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I was kind of surprised they weren't wearing red/white/blue, just because that seems the norm. But, I do think they can wear whatever they like.

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I like Alyssa's comparison to figure skating. I thought they all looked perfect, no matter what they were wearing.

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Yeah I'm not up in arms about it. I like when they wear red, white and blue for most things but things like ice skating, rhythmic gymnastics etc...don't really care.

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I don't care what any of the athletes wear from any country. They are there to perform, compete, and showcase their talents. Mucho props to them all!

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Dumbest thing I've ever heard. Swimmers didn't wear their nations colors either.....unless hot pink and green and black are like....every nations colors.

And holy cow, i watched the video, could he read anymore into the decision? Holy over-pyscho-analysis batman.

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I think this is just another petty complaint about our amazing athletes. Why anyone would comment (or care) about Gabby's hair is also a mystery to me. Personally, I think our country just wants something to gossip about. Bummer too.