American Girl dolls losing diversity?

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American Girl dolls losing diversity?

Recently, AG announced the retirement soon of Marie-Grace, C?cile, Ruthi and Ivy -- two of which reflect girls of 'color'.

Do you feel that this is a move that is (as some proclaim) racially motivated or simply a business move?

A few articles:

American Girl forced to defend decision to discontinue two racially diverse dolls following furious storm of complaints

American Girl Confronts Diversity Claims

An Open Letter to American Girl: Why Are You Retiring Girls of Color? (blog)

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I am not sure why this is a controversy? Anyone that follows AG dolls knows they do retire dolls on occasion. We have 6 or 7 AG dolls (all thanks to Grandma's) and we have the Ivy doll, she is beautiful but she is also a "buddy" doll so it doesnt surprise me she is being retired.
I would imagine they will come out with an ethnic doll soon, they know how to market their company and their dolls.