Antibiotics (NAD)

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Antibiotics (NAD)

Question for all of you knowledgable ladies out it really true that if you don't finish a full course of antibiotics, they become less effective, or your body builds up an immunity to them or something? My DD had in infection in the nerve of one of her baby teeth, and I started her on antibiotics until they were able to do a "baby root canal" on it middle of last week. She had about 3 or 4 days of a 10-day course of them, and then I forgot to give them to her for 2 straight days (mom-of-the-year). The infection is gone...the nerve was removed, obviously, during the root canal, and the infection was cleaned out. Just wondering if it's important for me to continue the rest of the antibiotics, especially considering I missed those 2 days? Any advice greatly appreciated Smile

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I do think it can happen that antibiotic become less infected if you make a habit of not finishing them. One time I think might be ok, but I would not do it regularly. Please talk to the doctor about any questions you have.

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I would call the doctor. The last time my son was on antibiotics we wanted to take him off before the week was out, so we checked with the doctor and she had us extend it a little past what we wanted, but not to the end of the week. I think it's best to let the doctor determine these things. Sometimes the outward signs of infection are gone but little bits linger.

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Be careful with mouth infections, they can appear to be gone but return with a vengeance. DD#3 had a similar situation last year and she finished the antibiotics and appeared fine but when they went into fix it they found a lot of infection left under the tooth.

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I have had the pediatrician tell me before to make sure and finish it all of it even if they feel better. I would do it better safe than sorry.

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Okay thanks ladies! The only reason I didn't want to call the doctor is because I feel like an idiot telling them that I missed 2 whole days (4 doses). lol Oh well, I'll start it back up and finish it out.

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Always always always finish the full course unless otherwise stated by your doc.