Assisted suicides

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Assisted suicides
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Absolutely. If you don't want to continue living, then we should have a way to let you out of this life that does not inflict trauma on the people you leave behind, that doesn't involve innocent people witnessing whatever it is you do, that doesn't involve messy cleanup for others. As a society we tend to treat our dying pets more humanely than our dying humans. Assisted suicide should involve a lot of counseling, and I think our overall mental health system needs to be better to help prevent unnecessary suicides, but I wholeheartedly believe that you should be able to choose to die if you truly don't want to be living and there is no other way to help you.

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Absolutely. We definitely treat our pets (and lab animals, and New York city carriage horses) with more dignity than humans.

My mother-in-law is a vegetable. She did not want to be like this. She has a DNR. But the hospital is under an immoral legal obligation to feed her. She did not want this, and it is absolutely inhuman. People should be allowed to choose. And we should talk more about this as a society.

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Yes, it should be legal.