Baseball Hall of Fame elections

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Baseball Hall of Fame elections

For the first time since 1996, the Baseball Hall of Fame voters didn't elect any of the nominated players, and for the first time since 1965, no living person will be inducted. That's because all three honorees elected by the Veteran's Committee are deceased and will be honored posthumously.

Some argue that steroid users should not be in the HoF because they have tainted the game; the history is there already (Bonds' bat, Maguire's ball, etc.) but the people don't belong. Some argue that the use of steroids is no different than drunk driving or domestic abuse or not supporting one's kids, none of which have kept some HoF'ers from being elected. Some argue that it was the game itself that created the steroid situation so why penalize the people who got caught. Some predict that all of these guys will be elected next year and this year's vote was simply to not look bad for seeming to endorse the use of steroids.

What do you think? Here are a few articles if you haven't heard much about it.

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I agree 100% with anthony Witrado. It is hypocritical and ridiculous to not allow these cheaters and as$holes in. THey follow in a long, storied line of cheaters and as$holes. Baseball is and has been working so hard to make itself unpalatable to real sports fans, it intrigues me.

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I love baseball Smile Boston fans all the way Wink

It's true there is a long line of steroid use for cheating...but that's true for every sport now really isn't it?
I truly don't know a good way to weed some of these out, but it seems impossible to really get it right who goes in and who stays out. Most of my hubby's boyhood favorites are in there. Does it matter that they *could* have been using to a little boy? No, he still loves them and has fantastic memories of the games with his dad.

This is one of those things I roll my eyes on and say 'don't we have bigger problems?'. It's their choice to screw up their bodies, the game is still loved by many. We can only do the best we can keeping the junkies out.