Bathroom themed Restaurant

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Bathroom themed Restaurant

Would you eat there?

If all goes well, this restaurant's business will be in the crapper.
The Magic Restroom Caf? in Southern California has had a successful "soft opening" according to their Facebook page, and plans a grand opening soon.

The City of Industry restaurant is toilet-themed, as guests sit on toilet-style stools and are served food in miniature toilet bowls, according to a report from Los Angeles' KTLA 5. Yelp reviews describe the d?cor as including urinals and toilets along the wall, and shower fixtures near some of the tables.

Read more: Magic Restroom Caf? comes to California, complete with toilet-bowl seats - NY Daily News

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No I don't think that I would. Not my style.

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Well i don't find it appealing. I mean if someone raved about the food as being something special...sure, I'd give it a try. But gimmicky restaurants rarely have good food in my experience.

They better keep those toilet seat stools looking spotless, because any speck of dirt will induce a mentally negative response from customers i would think.

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Sure, I'd try it.

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Just not sure if I could eat this.

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I agree with Kim that I find that "gimmick" restaurants seem to put most of their energy into the decor and gimmick and not so much into the food. Also, I find the overall idea pretty unappetizing. So if I heard that the food was awesome, I might try it, but otherwise....meh, not so much. Also, those backless toliet stools look uncomfortable.

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Nope. I remember there was a restaurant in Sacramento that served margaritas in a little bathtub and that was about as "bathroom themed" as I would want to get in a restaurant. And ITA with Alissa that those toilet seats would probably get pretty uncomfortable for as long as you're sitting for a meal.

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I find the expression "soft opening" rather unfortunate.

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