Because June would not be complete without graduation debates

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Because June would not be complete without graduation debates

From the article:

Police said it was announced before the ceremony that anyone who cheered or screamed would be escorted out of the building.

Florence police wouldn't speak to us about individual cases, but said the people who got disorderly when they were escorted out of the civic center were arrested.

The article makes it sound like this woman was the only one who was arrested but the above quote says otherwise. Perhaps the others are keeping it a private matter.

What do you think? Is graduation a celebration that warrants loud cheering, screaming, and air horns? Or should it be a more formal event? Where do you draw the line with regards to disorderly conduct at a graduation ceremony? Does an arrest go too far?

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Traditionally it has been a more formal event, but if a school wants to change tradition and allow it, then they need to let those in attendance know by announcing it before the ceremony begins, imo.

Actually, it seems now that it might be a good idea for ALL schools to announce it beforehand, to remind people not to applaud, etc., until the end of the ceremony.

Personally I think it's good to wait until the end. Less distraction, and less chance for missing something said about your own family member (or friend) that's graduating.

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I think arresting people that scream is completely ridiculous. I think you can ask for people to hold their applauds and cheers until they are done announcing names, but asking is all they can do. We were at my nephews graduation last night and people cheered after every single kid, it didnt seem to be distracting to anyone.

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I read about this the other day. While I completely think that keeping the noise level to an acceptable level makes perfect sense, I totally do NOT agree with withholding a kid's diploma and making him do the however many hours of service as punishment for the actions of his family. Yeah, the family's probably a bunch of selfish morons, but that's not the kid's fault.

I, for one, would lose it if somebody decided to let an airhorn go right in my ear or my LO's ear - it's painful and dangerous. When I graduated it was a very 'pomp and circumstance'-type event. Very cordial and civilized. The hooting and hollering came after Smile

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Here at the high school, it's a 'pomp & circumstance' event as well, but there is definitely cheering and whistling after each kid. They don't ask for the cheering to remain until after, either. But I've never heard airhorns at the graduation, thank goodness. I can't imagine being arrested for simply cheering for a child who's graduated. Emotions are high, people will cheer when they hear their loved ones' name. I certainly haven't been quiet. It was not only my kids' moment to shine, but a relief as a parent that I did something right as well to help them get to this point, especially after facing so many obstacles as most parents do. I don't know if they have a huge issue in SC that they had police waiting in the background to arrest them, but I don't think arresting them is appropriate. If they are so obnoxiously unruly, escort them out, but don't arrest.