Been away and hi!

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Been away and hi!

Been away a long time.

First, I got booted out because my spam blockers at work messed with my account. Second, Ben got RSV last week and ended up in the hospital for 5 days. He was released yesterday. Long story short, RSV messes with asthma kids, and he could barely breathe. Had to call 911 and his saturations were awful - 70s and 80s. Rushed to emerg, admitted on oxygen, ventolin, atrovent, dex and then alvesco. Doing great now - you'd never know he was so sick just a few days ago. Kids are freaking amazing they way they recover from serious illness. Looking forward to catching up on the board and debating again soon!

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Welcome back Smile So glad your little guy came through okay! That had to be so scary.

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Wicked scary to be with a child who is struggling to breathe and feeling helpless as a parent. I'm glad he's fine now and all is good. Welcome back!

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I feel for you, have been through that experience one of my boys got RSV when he was 3 months old and spent a week in the hospital. It is torture watching them put tubes down a little babies throat to suction out his lungs. The bad thing was I was out of town for my niece's wedding so ended up in the hospital for a week not even close to home! I'm glad everything is ok now and he's bouncing back.

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Glad you're back and happy to hear your little guy in doing better!

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Glad to hear he is okay, hospital is scary and no fun. May the rest of the winter be uneventful for your clan!

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Oops double post, sorry!

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Welcome back! Glad Ben is better.

Kids are amazing!

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Welcome back... and I'm so very glad Ben is doing OK!!