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Thread: Boy Scouts Tp (Possibly) End Homosexual Ban

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    A better analogy would be if gay students were denied diplomas while straight students got them, even when they all completed high school.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivergallery View Post
    From Greeks having an obvious and recorded relationships between men.. often an older male would take a younger man.. "Pedastery".
    To the definition and history of the word Lesbian.. look to the isle of Lesbos.
    Often the only negative feeling about homosexuality in those days was of the submissive partener. The agressive partner was not looked negatively upon. But Plutarch had a different idea... His became as far as I read our more modern day beliefs.. those that are being threatened to REVERT back to Greek and Roman times. Plato even rang in on the idea saying Woman love is nothing more than the desire to bear children and male love is positive and even Socrates weighed in.. GO READ before you rant... and think your "idealist views" are something new...

    Those that set up our laws were very wise, and more learned than the majority of people today.. They read and knew their history, unlike the majority of hs graduates today.

    Not only that homosexual relationships were rampant in Old Testament times, Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. Mesopotamia even had documents of same sex unions, especially to the King.

    Again. nothing new, and get off your preverbal high horse, thinking those that have a different view, know nothing.

    You asked I answered.
    Thank you for your fascinating rambling discourse which has nothing to do with this debate. And I'm not on any high horse. I don't think that you and Gloria don't know anything, I simply think that your religious view are bigoted and keep you from seeing how ridiculous your "solutions" appear. I know Gloria is an intelligent person and a good debator. I know that she is capable of logic and of conveying a good, rational position in a debate. ON THIS ONE ISSUE, however, I believe that she has a hard time presenting a logical debate stance because of her distaste for homosexuality.

    In this debate you have told people that they do their religion wrong, talked about impaling people, murdering all sex criminals, talked about bestiality becoming normalized in society, and all sorts of other things that lead me to believe that rational discourse is not possible with you. If me having those feelings mean that I am on a high horse, well, okay, you got me.

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