Breakfast ideas (not a debate)

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Breakfast ideas (not a debate)

You ladies always seem to have some yummy meal ideas, so I thought I would bring this here if you dont mind.

My DH has been running into work in the morning lately, which means he doesnt eat before he leaves home, and arrives there hungry. All they have to work with in the office is a fridge/freezer and a microwave. Not even a toaster oven!

I am looking for ideas for breakfast meals that will survive in single portions in the freezer for up to a week (so he can dump the whole shebang in the freezer and not have to carry it in with him) and will be good heated up in the microwave. It needs to be something with some substance, specifically protein, as he cant make it through the morning on just a muffin or some such, especially after a run. He also often skips lunch so it needs to fill him up.

I have made egg and cheese wraps before, but he says they get soggy when microwaved (maybe Im doing something wrong?).

Any suggestions would be appreciated:)

eta: Just wanted to point out that this is an effort to lower his eat out budget, so bought premade meals wont really work here:)

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What about oatmeal? It turns out fine in the microwave. Maybe with a cold hard boiled egg or two for protein?

The most filling breakfasts are leftover dinners, because they usually have a good amount of protein. I like stirfry, spaghetti, stew, etc for breakfast when I know I won't be eating for a long time because they hold you over so well.

A bagel with cream cheese and avacado is yummy and filling.

Or yogurt, granola, and fruit.

Could he bring in a blender to make a protein shake or smoothie?

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I saw a few things on Pinterest that might work. One idea was like a breakfast casserole in muffin tins. You would add eggs, sausage, cheese and whatever else you wanted in each tin. Then bake. When you took it out you have individual meals that can be frozen then later thawed and heated back up. You can also cook eggs in a muffin cup to make a nice round shape, the make your own breakfast sandwiches with biscuits, eggs, sausage, and cheese. They are then cooked to melt everything together then put into the freezer for individual breakfasts.

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I have made these muffins before from the Cooking Light magazine and they are really good and filling.

They also have a banana bran muffin that is yummy as well as the Mornign Glory muffin.

I also saw this recipe for an egg muffin which seems more like an omlete in a muffin shape. Not as healthy and I haven't tried it but sounds promising especially since you can add whatever you like.

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I know you said no premade things, but if you have a Trader Joe's nearby, check their frozen aisle for their breakfast casserole thingies and their quiches. They are $1.99 each but they are all delicious & filling, and they are microwavable. And also so convenient, they really are worth the price when you consider the amount of time it would take you to make from scratch.

If you really want to do something from scratch, almost any quiche or frittata will freeze well. Just let it cool, cut into pieces, and freeze in small containers. The trick is to use containers of a shape & size that get filled right up completely to prevent air space, which helps prevent freezer burn. My usual breakfast is whatever was left after dinner last night, but sometimes I get into a "breakfast foods" craving. One of my favorite make-ahead breakfasts is to put a frozen hash brown pattie in the bottom of a container, top with browned veggie sausages & scrambled eggs. Let cool, then top with salsa & cheese, cover & freeze. I make four of those at once & leave them in the freezer at work. Microwave on "defrost" for a few minutes, then power it up to high for a minute or two.

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I've made egg/spinach/cheese quiches in muffin tins before. They freeze pretty well and are yummy. I'm sure you could also throw in other veggies or protiens if you were so inclined.

My other idea is to send a loaf of wheat bread, a jar of peanut butter, and a bunch of bananas with him. Too bad he doesn't have a toaster because toast with pb and banana is my current fav breakfast, but a pb and banana sandwich would still be pretty darn good. And he can make Elvis jokes. It's win-win.

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This is yummy-- and you could pre-make and he could enjoy.

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"boilermaker" wrote:

This is yummy-- and you could pre-make and he could enjoy.

I've made something similar... It is so yummy Smile

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This is similar to a recipe I used as a graduation side dish that was a huge hit. For the protein, I'd remove the bacon and add ham. Also, I used regular hash browns. You could bake it in advance and then break it up to single servings and pop it in the freezer. We froze the leftovers and was great reheated.

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I personally super hate microwaved food. Is there a way.. if he hates it also to pick him up a toaster oven at Goodwill?

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Thanks for the good ideas everyone!

No there is no way to get him a toaster oven. We offered to bring in our old one when we replaced it, and they said no. Some kind of liability.....which sounds stupid to me. It is really silly, cause the guys work 12 hour shifts and are often there for a lot longer than that. It ends up being a lot of fast food/pizza delivery/deli sandwiches, etc. No wonder cops have a rep. for hanging at the doughnut shops:)