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Thread: Bullying "Awareness" ~ is it being taken too far?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ftmom View Post
    I would suggest that we also need to give kids and the Adults in the schools (or other groups) the skills to recognize a bully and bullying behavior. If a victim can look at what is going on and identify that they are being bullied, they will not only be able to get help, but it would help them to put the blame where it belongs, on the bully, instead of trying to find something wrong in themselves to blame. I also believe since, as I said, when it comes to the non physical bullying it is often part of a continuum, that often this type of bullying is overlooked by adults and this is where the child suffers the most.
    There is a wonderful group that is doing exactly this! It's called PlayWorks, and it's a nonprofit that reduces playground bullying and conflicts and improves school climate through fun, healthy, inclusive games and physical activity. We had it at our school for a few years under a lower-SES grant of some kind but that ran out when our overall SES improved. So now we have a full-time coach who was trained by Playworks who is providing the same thing. The focus is on preventing bullying by giving all kids better emotional tools to figure things out themselves (using rock-paper-scissors to settle conflicts, counting to 100 to time a tetherball match when others are waiting to play, going by their classrom "line order" or by height instead of pushing & shoving to be first, etc.) and encouraging all the kids to be involved & be active, but also dealing with disruptions in as positive a way as possible. The PlayWorks coach also works closely with the school counselor to identify kids who need extra help and make sure that those kids have good support on the playground. And it carries over to all other areas of life, too! My kids use rock-paper-scissors at home to decide things, and Weston's preschool teacher the other day said that he put all the kids in a row by height when it was time for them all to go inside & go potty.

    Play and recess to support social-emotional learning | Playworks
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    Playworks is a super awesome group. They are used on many playgrounds in Boston and it has helped with disruptions and fights on the playground. I've read that teachers have reported a better learning environment too as the ALL the kids are active and come back ready to focus.

    I would support this type of program for schools over self defense lessons.

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    That program does sound awesome!

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