Casey Anthony book deal

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Casey Anthony book deal

So now that Casey Anthony has been acquitted, there's the obligatory talk of a book deal. Nancy Grace has been quoted as saying, "She's probably going to get a million-dollar book deal and maybe a quarter-million dollars for licensing fees for photos. She's going to be living on easy street, living the 'sweet life' she's got tattooed on her back."

Would you buy Casey Anthony's book? Why or why not?

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Gross, no. I don't believe a word that comes out of her mouth, so no way would I spend my money on a book about her killing her child. Again though, doesn't surprise me if she becomes the next lifetime movie...

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Wouldn't buy it.

Would possibly by a book that details all the facts of the case (like "and the see will tel") written by a lawyer in a lyrical way.

I have no interest in only seeing one side of any story.

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I have to be honest and say that I am morbidly curious to know what kind of self aggrandizing lies she is going to spout. But I wouldn't buy the book because I wouldn't want her to get the royalties from me. I might (feeling very ashamed of myself) check it out of the library.

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Absolutely would not give her one dime of my money. I heard on the radio yesterday that Vivid Videos (a porn manufacturer) has already offered her $1 million to star in her own movie. It makes me sick that she's now going to be rich along with her fame because she killed (or at least played part in the death of) her own child.