Combs' UCLA scholarship

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Combs' UCLA scholarship

Justin Combs has earned an athletic scholarship to UCLA. This is an awesome feat and means he has a lot of talent on the football field. However this achievement has been questioned because his daddy is rich, therefore he doesn't need the money.

This doesn't have to be specific to Combs' situation. In general do you think rich parents should preclude their children from earning/accepting any scholarship, even those that do not take need into consideration? If so, where is the financial line drawn?

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No, I don't. Athletic or any other type of merit scholarships should be awarded on just that, merit. Need scholarships should be awarded on just that, need.

Isn't the goal to raise children to be free of us and our purse strings????? Why criticize a child who is able to do so through their own accomplishments, be them athletic or academic, and force them to rely on their parents generosity simply because their parents may be wealthy? That seems backwards, to me, in terms of raising our youth to want to be accomplished individuals in their own right.

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I agree with Melissa, i don't have much to add to that.

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I also agree.

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I also agree. What a parent makes should not prevent a scholarship of this type.

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I cannot even understand the reasoning behind the idea that he shouldnt receive the scholarship. If he is good enough to get the scholarship he deserves it

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I am so proud of this kid for working hard for himself and making his way. He could have tried to live off his parents, his father's name or went into a really bad direction. But he seemingly did such a good job for himself. He earned it, good for him.

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I agree with the others, this is a merit scholarship, he earned it. Good luck to him, I love to see the kids of celebrities succeed at something completely on their own, without Daddy's agent or Mama's stylist making calls to get them in where anyone else's kid wouldn't get near.

ETA: this scholarship is $54,000, which probably doesn't quite cover non-resident tuition and living expenses. He was also offered similar scholarships at three other schools, this is a way for schools to attract top players, which in turn bring in money to the school. It's good for everyone.