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    Quote Originally Posted by AlyssaEimers View Post
    It is that way both at the school that I went to growing up and every school I have ever visited.

    At the school I went to, at each of the schools DH works at, at the local college that has a dental clinic, at the nursing home my mom works at, at the college I went to, at the college my sister went to, almost everywhere I know of employees or students need some sort of parking pass. Either a sticker or decal that goes on their mirror stating they are allowed to park in that place. People who are not regularly going to be there park in spaces labeled "visitor".
    It was like this when I went to Oregon State University.. but not at the schools locally.. anyone can park in the parking lot.. heck our only park is the playground at the school so people often take kids there when school is out

    I did find online someone stating 1000 ft from the school building. Is Virginia Law
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    The parking permit thing doesn't matter at all. (We never had to have permits but that was decades ago.)

    The point is, should students be free from racial intimidation on school property? Does the school have the right and the obligation to step up when a student is displaying something -- on school property (the parking lot) -- that promotes an atmosphere of racial hostility? I say YES they do have the right and the obligation.

    They asked him to remove it, multiple times. He said no. They suspended him.

    Laws, smoking, parking permits....all distractions. It's not about the right to displaying something personal. He can have a state flag for any state he wants and drape his whole car in it. But in the north east, the Confederate flag is not innocuous. It just isn't. Georgia, different story. This is New Jersey. And this is a school parking lot. It's not that complicated.
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