Congressional 'tweets' during SOTU

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Congressional 'tweets' during SOTU

Do you find it appropriate for members of Congress (on both sides of the political aisle) to be sending out 'tweets' during the President's State of the Union?

[h=1]These 41 Members of Congress Tweeted During the State of the Union. Here?s What They Had to Say.[/h]I remember this happening last year as well. The NY Times proclaimed members of Congress sent out just under 1500 tweets DURING the SOTU in 2014:
[h=1]Applaud, Tweet and Repeat at the State of the Union[/h]I could not find the numbers yet for the amount sent out last night but am I the only one that finds this behavior rude? Granted, I get annoyed being at dinner and having someone take out their phone to text, tweet, check email or whatever. LOL

I don't care who is speaking but outside of recording the event (and even that should be done discreetly) -- put the phone away! Take notes if you want and send out the barbs/cheers later.

*mini-rant* over. I guess it is better than those seen falling asleep in years past. Wink

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I'm not sure they themselves were tweeting:

Coming up at 11pmET: Sen. Sanders will be on @CNN with his reaction to the #SOTU. #SOTU2015
6:55 PM - 20 Jan 2015

Of course my rep was one of those tweeting.

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In a one on one meeting I think it is rude to text or tweet, but in a situation like this I am not sure that it is the same. Our Representatives represent their constituents. I can understand wanting to share with your people what is happening as it is happening and your prospective on that much as a reporter would.