Crossing Math and Social Studies in classes?

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Crossing Math and Social Studies in classes?
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I think there are ways to cross subject areas, and that doing so is appropriate and often helpful for teachers and students.

However, this assignment in particular was not appropriate. It was very provocative, and I could maybe see a case for using it within the classroom to start a discussion, maybe. But to send it home to be dealt with by the student on their own, or by parents.....what were these teachers thinking?

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A vice principal at Beaver Ridge collected the assignments and shreded them so they wouldn't resurface, and the administration was working on a process to review homework assignments before they are handed out, Roach said.

Yeah right. Because we all know shreding the assignment means there's no word/pdf document. There's no way a VP could keep up on approving every hw assignment.

These questions are just stupid. They don't incorporate socials studies in any way. They could have easily been written with something appropriate - Johnny's dad allows him to eat 2 cookies each day. How many cookies does he eat in a week?

I find it interesting this was in GA.

ETA usually the crossing math & ss is in social studies. Today we looked at a chart of Zimbabwe's climate and found the range and average temperatures and rainfall. We have done charts showing the increase in the number of slaves after the invention of the cotton gin. Stuff that is actually connected.