CVS to stop selling tobaco products
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Thread: CVS to stop selling tobaco products

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    Default CVS to stop selling tobaco products

    CVS Caremark Plans to Stop Tobacco Products Sales - ABC News

    Sorry, I can not post the entire article while on my Kindle.

    Debate - Is this a good business decision for CVS? Will this help people to stop smoking? Will other stores stop selling tobaco products?
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    They know they can still make money off the whole smoking cessation industry. I think they wouldn't do it if they'd lose too much money, but it's not a bad decision.

    Our local grocery store made the same call a few years ago, but they don't sell the anti-smoking stuff since they're not a drug store. They took a financial hit but for them -- a small company with 4 or 5 stores in the expanded area -- they wanted to make a moral decision about it.

    I think CVS will make up the money somehow and improve their relationships with their other providers. Other stores will probably pick up the slack and happily sell the cigarettes people can't find at CVS anymore!
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    Totally fine with this choice. I am sure they have a huge market research study department that has studied this decision, it will be fine for them
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    I would guess this is a financial decision. They are probably just not making much of a profit, almost all the cost of tobacco is taxes.
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    I don't think they would have made the decision if it was a large profit category for them. Walgreens is going back into the liquor/beer CPG goods and maybe they are making a separate niche away from that towards more pharmacy and general goods.

    and I think it will have no effect on smoking. They will just lose the extras a smoker might have bought at their store while purchasing cigarettes because they will just go across the street to Walgreens or a gas station.
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    I am not sure what effect it will have on people stopping smoking. I am pretty sure it'll stop them from buying them from CVS =D I think it's a great idea. Business wise, maybe they will earn money in other ways, like smoking cessation etc. At the end of the day it's about business perhaps. I hope though ethics were involved. I'd love to see cigarettes done away with by the people. That would be great.

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