Disney takes on Star Wars (Fluff)

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Disney takes on Star Wars (Fluff)

[h=1]Can merger return 'Star Wars' to its glory days?[/h]
Star Wars fans -- do you think Disney's acquisition and plans for production kicking off a new trilogy, beginning with "Episode 7" is a great idea, or fear that it will make things worse?

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OOOHHH I missed this!!!!! Am i the only geek here????

I was downright naseous about it at first. But then I read a few articles... and it seems like it actually could be a good thing. I'm excited to see what happens! Disney didn't exactly screw up Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Avengers is one of my biggest favorites EVER!

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No matter what they do there will be some that like it and some that hate it. That is how it works when you take something that is a classic and try to add to it later. I think the majority will probably find it entertaining, and that is the point, so I say go for it.