Do parents have any rights to block videos of their kids?

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Do parents have any rights to block videos of their kids?

This is another "kids' sports" question (but could likely be applied to any other activity they are involved in.) I know we touched on privacy (or lack thereof) of photos before but I believe this has a slightly different angle.

In today's technological age, if you show up at any child's sporting event you are bound to see well meaning parents that are busy recording all the action through their cell phones, tablets, or cameras/video cam.

We now have to deal with complaints from a few parents that are objecting (strongly) to their children's teams showing up on YouTube without their permission. This was not done by the league but apparently by other parents who then posted them to the web.

(FTR, supposedly there aren't any last names written or shared, but within the videos you can hear parents cheering for their kids by their first name. In the background are identifying landmarks that would allow anyone to know where the kids play.)

The parents have expressed concern about their kids' safety and state that they do not post or share photos online. They object to their children being included. The filming parents feel that it is their right to take videos of their child's game and the freedom to post it as they wish.

What do you think?

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I see both sides but I don't see the issue with just first names I don't see the need for you tube videos for sporting events for kids. We had a little boy come up one time and my oldest and he were and dad wanted a picture and asked if it was okay. I was fine with it.

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I think that it is a given based upon participation. Today I was in a race (with over 40,000 other people). I saw people taking video at every mile, literally. Don't like it? don't participate. Give me a break that someone yelling "Go Connor!!!! might make some over bearing parents kid vulnerable, any more than that parent probably shares on FB themselves. I used to be super freaked about about some freako stalker I had on here.....then I put it in perspective. We aren't as important as we like to think, generally.

If anything, in this day of overly competitive by proxy/under~actually ~achieving parents, video might keep some of the dbags in line.

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I honestly wouldn't even bat an eyelash if a parent put up a video of one my kids' sporting events/concerts/whatever. Say there are 20+ kids on the video - even if someone else is yelling out a kids' name, there would be no way to know which one is Nathan, Chris or John. I highly doubt there is some freak out there scanning every single youtube video to pick out a kid to kidnap.

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Honestly, I am more worried about the creepy guy in the parking lot recording the game from his panel van, then the creepy guy sitting miles away watching a random parents recording of the game on youtube. I tend to see things the same as Carolyn. Unless the video exclusively focuses on John, it would be hard to pick out which kid is John in most games, and even if you could I dont think the danger is that great.

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It has always been my understanding that a school or church can not post pictures or video of the children, but other parents can. If I want a video of my child, other children are bound to be in it. I do think it would be polite to run it by the other children's parents unless I knew them well. (Maybe ask the first time, but then assume it was ok from then out). I can see situations where someone would not want their pictures posted. Witness protection, a woman running from an abusive husband..., in those situations I would think that parent would need to go to the coach and explain asking to make an announcement not to post pictures. Outside of those rare situations I think it would be assumed that if you are in a group activity, your picture might get taken.

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In Canada we have FOIP (Freedom of Information Protection Act) which means schools, sports teams, doctors, etc cannot give any information including pictures/video without permission. However parents can post pictures/videos etc of their kids and any others.

I try very hard not to post pictures on facebook of other peoples kids (even though I do have pictures set to friends only) unless I know the parents. I also have a private youtube account. However having spent 7 years in IT I know it is still possible to get anything even with protections. (During MS Vista certification 5 of us spent more time hacking into a supposable unhackable (and ya I know that it is hackable) operating system then we did paying attention to the course - it took us 15 minutes to hack into it 7 different ways and I an NOT a hacker). When taking pictures of Robbie's fist day of grade 1 his teacher asked that I not post pictures of her on facebook - I hadn't actually taken any with her in them but I said that I wouldn't post pictures without her permission.

Like others I am more concerned about a lurker at games/parks/schools then I am worried about some stranger. That being said I will not post naked pictures of children (you know bath etc pictures) and have warned my nieces about posting them of my great nieces/nephews (don't want some paedophile looking at them...)