Do you tell?

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Do you tell?

I know I can't be the only one on here who buys some things secondhand. Do you let people know when they are selling something that is recalled or unsafe? Do you let people know when they are using something that is recalled?

I have no problems messaging people on craigslist or ebay or telling them at garage sales, but I find it really hard (despite knowing the danger) of telling a parent that the product they are using has killed or harmed kids.

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I have never come across anything recalled, although my Mum did buy a car seat at a garage sale which is generally a big no no, but we know the family really weell (their daughter and I grew up together) and it still had it's tags on.

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I don't have a problem telling friends/coworkers if I know their product has been recalled. If it was me using that product, I'd sure as heck want to know. It's not a reflection of the person using the product that they're ignorant or instruction-illiterate or anything (as is with so many recalls these days - i.e. putting crib rails on upside down, etc.). My SIL had a bunkbed that I saw a recall for and I emailed it to her right away. She was grateful for it since she had no idea.

And yes, I buy tons of stuff used, especially clothes. I can't justify paying exorbitant prices for new clothes that are only going to fit for a few months! And at used clothing stores you can find just about any brand name all under the same room. One-stop shopping is what I'm all about, especially with kids in tow.

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If I knew that a product was patently unsafe, then I simply wouldn't sell it to anyone else. But I don't personally believe that everything that's ever been recalled is unsafe. The Maclaren strollers recall where some kids got their fingers amputated is a great example. That's user stupidity, IMHO, and not an unsafe product, just keep your kids away from the stroller when you're folding it, problem solved. Other times there is an easy fix, like the drop-down cribs that just needed a new part to keep the side from dropping, and the crib would be perfectly fine after the fix. If I knew there was a recall on a product I was thinking about selling, but the product is otherwise safe with education or perhaps a small part, then I would disclose it, but I think it's more the buyer's obligation to be knowledgable about what she's buying than the seller's to disclose what she's selling.

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If I knew a friend who was using something that was recalled, or I had seen somewhere that it was not safe, I would mention it to them. But I wouldnt push it. As Spacers said, sometimes people know an item is recalled, but choose to take the 'risk' and continue using it. For example, I still use my old drop side crib.

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I would let the person know that I saw a recall on it if I thought the item was safe (user error type recall). I honestly wouldn’t feel comfortable selling anything that I have that was recalled for a real safety issue (like breakdown of hardware). Our crib was recalled (the one with the extra part they sent out to make it safe) and upon looking it over we noticed that screws were bad so we ended up bolting the whole thing together! I would have never resold it cause in my opinion it was not safe. My friend had the same crib, got the part and happily sold it. I told her about our experience with it and she wasn’t worried. It was her call, but I did express my concern over reselling that crib.

For us, I check recalls and such when we buy some things second hand. Toys and clothes are one thing, but if we were getting something big like a crib I would be checking the recalls!