DSBN academy-Shool for disadvantaged youth

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DSBN academy-Shool for disadvantaged youth

I read about this in my parenting magazine today. The District School Board of Niagara is establishing a school exclusively for low-income kids whose parents do not have a university or college education. The think ing is that pooling them n the same school will better provide the supports that socially disadvantaged kids need.

A few links on the subject:

What are your thougths? Do you think this is a good idea or not?

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if 95% of the students go on to college and university, I'm all for it. I love school and think everyone should at least try college on for size even if they don't all finish.

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I totally don't buy the 'It will stigmatize and segregate them' argument. Lord knows there's not much more that's stigmatizing to an underprivileged child than their classmates teasing, bullying and isolating them because they don't have expensive clothes or the latest gadgets or they live in a not-so-nice house.

I like the idea. I think there are so many underprivileged children who have the skills, brains and ability to get into college, but maybe who just assume it'll never happen because mom and dad can't afford to send them, or maybe mom and dad just don't have the ability (maybe they work nights or struggle themselves to understand the subject matter) or the desire to help their children with schoolwork and encourage them to try to get good grades.

One thing I missed though....I didn't read in the articles where it said the parents didn't have a college or university education. Maybe my eyeballs skipped it.

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As long as the family has a choice to send their child there if they qualify, I think that it is fantastic. The more intelligent, productive, happy healthy citizens we have helps us all. The kids who get a short end of the stick need special breaks to just even slightly level the playing field.