Editing pictures-personal debate

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Editing pictures-personal debate

Edited picture causing stir on LSU campus - KPLC 7 News, Lake Charles, Louisiana

If you were wearing something and it was edited out of the picture/video/advertisement (where you knew there was a chance your image might be used), would you rather they choose a different image or the edited one with you in it?

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I think if it was something offensive, that would be one thing (like a shirt with swear words on it.) I think it's stupid that they edited out crosses. It's like, either you think these dudes are kind of a fun representation of your college, or you don't. You can't be all "They would be wicked fun, if they were less religious." LOL (Might be true, depending on your definition of fun and the way they practice their religion, but still...:lol:)

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I agree with Alissa.

I am very sensitive to someone pushing religion at me, but so many times in our efforts to prove tolerance, people end up being intolerant of the very existence of religion or of people's commitment to it. You don't have to eliminate religious references to be tolerant. I also think that they just shouldn't have used that photo if they had issues with what those people deliberately chose to wear.

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Yeah I agree...this was dumb. It's not offensive and seems weird that they did that.

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I can see how the university wouldn't want to send out something that might be interpreted as a religious message, but the better option would have been to not use that photo. Honestly, I had to look twice to see what they airbrushed out, it certainly didn't scream "RELIGION!" to me and I wouldn't have been offended to have gotten that email.