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Thread: Equal Rights Treaty for People With Disabilities

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    His concerns just seem like SUCH a stretch to me. And having a disabled daughter (him, not me), I guess I feel like he should see that all the good in the bill outweighs whatever miniscule chance there could be of something like that happening. But I hadn't had a chance to really research the bill so I was interested to hear what you guys thought.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jessica80 View Post
    But that is not what that means. It means that people with disabilities cannot be excluded from free public education and that accommodations are made for their disability.

    For example, my daughter has access to free public preschool with educational supports along with speech and occupational therapy. We are not required to take it. I could have home schooled her and brought her to a private ST and OT but we have chosen this route.
    Yes, I agree. No where does it say that children cannot be homeschooled, but only that they must have access to these services through the public school system if their parents choose that route.

    The whole thing seems like much ado over nothng to me; like people are intentionally trying to find things to object to that aren't there.
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    It isn't a stretch at all, and we in no way should sign onto anything giving up our nations sovereignty to the UN. It actually is a HUGE deal. Glad it didn't pass and it is up for a revote in January.

    a couple links as far as why to be against it-
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    I oppose this bill and expect that it will/could have a quite negative affect on families who home school. I hope to have time to come back and discuss it, but if not, tossing this much out here.

    I also question the decision to give the UN a higher authority than the nation or state. While the sounds "good" it can be used so badly.
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