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Thread: Faith-healing couple faces charges after 2nd child dies

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    Makes me feel for Muslims. I bet every time one of the extremist does something they say is for Islam, all the others cringe knowing that they will be associated.
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    They should be locked up and never get their other kids back. Sad for those other 7 kids, but clearly their lives are in danger with such extremist loons as parents.
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    Extremist loons = perfect description.
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    I find these people horrible. They should be in jail. They should have been in jail the first time to stop them from doing it again.
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    Ok... on the other hand ... I am not sure I would have taken my child in for these symptoms - coughing, congestion, crankiness and a loss of appetite. Catherine, Herbert Schaible's Second Child Dies After Parents Use Prayer, No Medicine

    Both my children have had these symptoms.. my oldest even has severe allergic reactions that I have medicated at home.. With Epi-Pen in hand. There is actually lots you can do for these symptoms usually at home, and my children's has never gotten into infections, or a need to get to the dr for it.. Not sure if it was because of their immune systems or how I treat it. My kids have never been to the dr for a cold or flu, and I wouldn't think of sending them for those things, as What I have done works...

    HOWEVER - What these parents do.. already failed once! if one of my children had died, I would have been way more diligent, as I would be afraid of just this reprocussion. And even using herbs or homeopathic remedies would probably be seen as negligent.. It says "No Meds" and "only Prayer".. I just wonder if that is true or if they used other non-traditional medicine.. like honey in licorice tea, or ginger baths.. etc. Often Eastern Medicine is seen as "Negligent" or "no medicine" in our culture, so it is very interesting.

    Another point... no one blames the parents when their child dies from a staph infection they got in the hospital when taken in to treat a common cold....

    It is a fine line we are talking about.. between parental choices, and state interfering... I have seen the state be so very wrong in so many cases.. But I have also see parents destroy their children too.
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