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Thread: Father picking up his child from school

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    Quote Originally Posted by mom3girls View Post
    I dont think this is all of it. I think it also has to do with parents being worried about strangers having access to the school during times where they could potentially start shooting or take a kid that doesnt belong to them. Our school has REALLY strict pick up and drop off procedures that stem from a PTO that was very worried about those 2 things.
    Stranger abduction is incredibly rare and so are school shootings. Kids getting hit by cars within a block of their school, on the other hand, is an extremely common problem, and it's been getting to be a worse & worse problem all over the country for the reasons I stated. And *that* is the main reason why so many schools are setting up procedures to keep kids who walk separated from parking lots and drive-by-pick-up areas. This man wasn't protesting not being allowed to pick up his kids, he was protesting not being allowed to pick them up *where* he wanted to pick them up.
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    At my daughter's school it's simply the layout of the school/roads.

    The normal speed limit along the road is 45 mph. Way too high any time of day. The front side of the school dead ends with dirt fields in 2 directions. So there is really only one road that all parents have to use to pick up their children. The school changed its end time this year by 30 minutes and there are about 20% more parents because they are now off of work in time to go to the school to pick up their child.

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