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FB pictures

Personal debate. So we went to a baseball game tonight. We were there with friends. Most of the time I do not post pictures of other peoples kids without first speaking to the parents. The mascot walked by and my girls went up to get a picture. As I am taking the picture all the kids from our group rushed up to get in the picture. One parent said "who has a camera" saw I was taking pictures and said "Oh I will just get tagged on FB". That was fine, I know them well enough that I know they do not care. There were two kids in the picture that I do not know the parents as well. Do I not post the picture even though my kids are in the picture and the other kids? Just not tag the kids that we don't know as well? (We are friends on FB, but not super close)

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I would upload the photo and before you publish it send them a PM with the link and ask them if its ok for you to post it. After you upload the photo if you hit refresh it goes back to the old photo format and shows a link at the bottom that you can PM to them. It will say- Want to share your photo? You can give friends or relatives this link:
If they say ok then publish it and tag them.

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I agree with Gloria!

I don't post pics on FB like that but I always ask permission before posting pictures of anyone else's kids somewhere. I put my neighbor on my baking blog but I asked her and her mom first.

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I would absolultely ask permission before posting pictures of someone else's kids. Too bad others don't give my kids the same courtesy. It's very sad that accepting an invitation to a birthday party these days means your kid's picture is going to be plastered all over the internet. And my MIL is one of the worst. She was snapping pics of our kids and DH said, "Don't put those online!" and she put them on FB anyway. She said she thought he was joking.

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I'm going to be honest here and say no, I wouldn't ask permission.

I think a pic like that is harmless.

If it was a pool party however or the child was dressed inappropriately ie in a swim suit I would not share the picture without asking.