FFRA pamphlet

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FFRA pamphlet
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No, I do not think this would be appropriate to hand out in school.

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I trust the FFRF's ability to make sound and reasonable decisions about as much as I trust PETA's.

Anyway, I think anytime your agenda is not about stating your own beliefs but about tearing down another religions beliefs, you need to tread very carefully and respectfully. This is, umm, well far from careful or respectful to say the least.

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I agree that it's pretty ridiculous, and it's not okay to make a point of tearing down someone's beliefs.

I also read the actual press release that article is based on, and it looks like Angel they're not handing anything out, it will all be at a table for kids to take or not to take, and (b) that particular pamphlet does NOT appear to be on the list.

That said, I didn't much like the FFRF's desire to hand out pamphlets talking about how Jesus was not a good example. Believe in him or not, he's still a pretty good example! I don't know anything about the FFRF but they seem to me to be no less fundamentalist than the extremely religious organizations that target specific groups with THEIR judgment.