FLuff - Language (Not really a debate)

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FLuff - Language (Not really a debate)

I am curious at what age you or your kids started taking a second language?

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I did starting in 2nd grade, spanish, but I didn't absorb any of it. It was a one day a week class at school.

I think it is really important in today's world and hope to get DS involved soon.

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My intentions were to start my kids young on Spanish...however, E's English language delays have prevented me from doing so as I need to focus on English right now.

I started casually as a kid and formally in 7th grade.

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When I went to school, 2nd language did not start until 7th grade. I am trying to decide if I should start Alyssa next year (will be 3rd grade) or wait until she is older. Just curious what the public school kids do.

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We started in Grade 4 at my school, so around 10. I think they may start earlier at the schools here now, but my poor DS will be at a disadvantage because most of the schools only offer Italian and he is likely to have quite a few Italian descent kids in his class, it's a high population base in our town

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Birth. English is their second language.

I've also been giving them French lessons as an L3 since they were each about 3. Late but I just couldn't muster up the time for a third language until then.

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Start them earlier..it's never too early to start a foreign language and they pick up more and faster the younger they are.

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At the private school I started the kids out at (and Emma still goes to) they started a second language in preschool. But at the public school that my other kids go to now, they don't start until 5th or 6th grade which disappoints me.

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In Hannah's school (a private school) they've been teaching her Spanish in Kindergarten. Some of it is actually sinking in, too, she can count to ten in Spanish and knows her colors in Spanish, too. She forgot how to say Thank You in Spanish when I asked her , though. lol.

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The younger, the better. Jace has been exposed to a second language since he was born.

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The earlier the better. Mine have been speaking spanish since birth. I start teaching the 3 year olds in my class beginning of the year.

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I also think the earlier the better, although our school doesn't offer it for my kids at this age so they aren't learning any new languages. Sad.

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They start French in kindy here. I did too. My nephew started in a french immersion program in kindy and he's been fluent for a couple years now. Here it is a huge plus to be bilingual in both official languages.

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I didn't start until 7th grade and not much of it stuck. My husband's first language is French, so my kids have been exposed to two languages from the beginning. They have learned a lot of core words but are nowhere near bilingual. My 4-year-old is now in a dual language pre-K where they do half the day in English and half in Spanish. She has picked up a ton of Spanish but it has been hard to distinguish French and Spanish for her...she gets confused about which is which. I do think the earlier the better for sure.

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Kindy, Our kids go to an International Baccalaureate School and it is part of the curriculum......