Fluff: Would you like to control your dreams?

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Fluff: Would you like to control your dreams?

If you had the option, would you choose to control your dreams? If so, what would you dream about?

Two developers are trying to make this a reality by launching their new invention:

Real life Inception: Two 'mad scientists' create sleep mask that lets people CONTROL their dreams


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No I wouldn't. I tend to think dreams are our unconscious sometimes helping us work out problems. Sometimes it's just screwed up Smile

But I don't see anything fun about controlling my dreams. I would hate to miss out on the insane ones we can have.

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I can control my dreams to some extent by thinking about specific things as I'm falling asleep; I always thought that was rather common. Doesn't everyone have bad dreams after a scary movie or sexy dreams after a romantic one? And sometimes I can tell that I'm in a dream & change it. I remember once I was dreaming that I was on the Titanic as it was sinking, I could feel the cold & the fear & I was hoping my kids got onto a lifeboat because I couldn't find them, and I said to myself, "This is silly, why am I putting myself through this? Dream about sunshine & rainbows & butterflies instead." And I did! It's definitely an interesting experience, but I don't think it's one that I would attempt to do on a regular basis.

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NO way. I think that it would be super dangerous, where people would want to "dream" themselves new lives........like people get addicted to that those virtual world reality games or whatever, second life or something? Who would ever program themselves a nightmare? People would probably always want to dream about being richer, thinner, smarter, having a better spouse, or better life, or whatever isn't right in their life would be right in their dreams. Then they would wake up and their real life would feel so disappointing compared to their dream. Then they would want to sleep all the time. Sleep could almost become like a drug. Bad idea.

I love my wacky dreams. I agree with Stacy where I can influence my own dreams to a small degree, but that is as far as I would ever want to go with that experience. I really enjoy dreaming and think that it is an important way that our subconscious helps us work out things that we are dealing with. I think that artificially manipulating that could be dangerous.

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I do agree that we can manipulate our dreams somewhat. I've done it when I've had a rough day and just want to relax so I think of something really nice and I tend to continue to dream that throughout the night~although I have never controlled a dream while in it! That would be fun.

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Last night while we were sleeping, DH starts lifting up the covers and moving them around...it woke me up. And then he said

"how do we know when all the snakes are gone?"

I'd surely miss that spontaneity

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I have controlled my dreams before when something bad happens in my dream sometimes sort of semi-conscious I will change it to something better.

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"KimPossible" wrote:

Last night while we were sleeping, DH starts lifting up the covers and moving them around...it woke me up. And then he said

"how do we know when all the snakes are gone?"

I'd surely miss that spontaneity

ROFL Sounds like my DH, the sleepwalker. He'll sit up, get out of bed then look at me and say "Don't forget to take the ladder off the ceiling in the morning." Um. Okay sweets.

The only dreams I would want control over are the ones where I'm either running a race but my feet are moving too slow (blah) or the ones that induce the big 'O' Smile I like those dreams. I could have more of those ones.

Has anyone ever dreamed about losing their teeth? Like, your teeth just break into pieces and you're spitting them out or just touching them and they come out in your fingers. I HATE those dreams. They're supposed to mean something though, I'm just not sure what.

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