Fluff -- a Would you rather pregnancy debate

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Fluff -- a Would you rather pregnancy debate

Last night I spent some time with extended family including a variety of younger cousins that are in the TTC (or Thinking of TTC) stage. They were asking the "moms" in the room a question that prompted quite a discussion.

Would you rather:

Have an incredibly easy pregnancy but difficult labor, or....

morning sickness throughout and an easy labor?

For those that have had pregnancies, did you experience one of the above?

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Knowing what I know now I would rather have morning sickness throughout and easy labor. I had nausea until the mid of my 2nd trimester with #1 and have had quick and easy labors with both. I'd take quick and easy labor anyday.

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I had 40 weeks of bliss (x3) and days upon days of labor. Not even a decision.

Baby comes out. Being happy healthy active sexy happy for 40 weeks trumps anything that could possibly happen over that 48 hours......or whatever it is, even surgery........its just a day. I'd take an easy pregnancy over a complicated delivery any day ever, especially with other kids to care for.

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I had a pretty great 40 weeks of pregnancy as well, and a more difficult labor. I wouldn't change it.

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I LOVE being pregnant, even when puking, I think I must have fairly easy pregnancies. I loved that I could run, workout, work and even coach softball until the day I went into labor. I wouldnt trade that for the fastest easiest labor ever

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I had terrible pregnancies, but very smooth deliveries. Every thing that could go wrong with my pregnancies, did. Pre-eclampsia, Gestational diabetes, PIH, PROM, 4 m/c, low progesterone, preterm labor, weeks of bed rest, and hospital stays. All of my girls were born between 32-35 weeks. But, my labors were 10, 4, and 5 hours. I would have much rathered a nice normal full term pregnancy with no complications and following NICU stays even if it meant a harder labor.

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A nice normal pregnancy - I am older and diabetic, which love to have an easy pregnancy after gallstones and hospitalizations with Robbie...delivery will happen one way or another...

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I'd much rather a nice easy pregnancy and a long labour. Pregnancy is hard for me. My labours have been easy. I'd trade that in if I could.

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I was spoiled. No morning sickness and easy (well relatively before the pitocin) labor.

I would take a long labor to not have weeks of morning sickness any day.

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Hard labor any day. I don't like being pregnant, but the idea of drawing out misery over time instead of getting it all over and done with at once makes my stomach hurt.

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Can't I have both? Easy pregnancies and easy deliveries? I like it that way.....

I have pretty terrible m/s in the beginning, but once I get past that, I've been golden and carried babies to term with easy births.

But if I had to choose, I'd choose hard labor over hard pregnancy.

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I've had both - and would much rather have an easy pregnancy and harder delivery. The delivery doesn't last 10 months.

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I would definitely take an easy pregnancy over an easy labor, if I had to chose.

Fortunately, I've been blessed to have both.

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Depends on what you mean by "hard labor". If it were just going to be long and hard on me and the baby was fine, then I would chose hard labor with easy pregnancy. But if it would be hard on the baby, give me the hard pregnancy and easy labor. So really, whatever would be best for the baby (or babies!).