Fluff~Taking free things from stores for projects

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Fluff~Taking free things from stores for projects

So this is kind of a stupid debate but I am finding conflicting opinions in real life.

Background: There are several projects on Pinterest that have you use the paint color sample cards from paint stores, home improvement stores to make the craft. For example, making a calendar where you use the paint cards as a color for each day. Here are some examples: paint sample craft ideas 2

Not that I'm losing sleep over it or anything but I hate the fact that it encourages you to take the cards from the stores without any interest in ever buying the paint. I've had a few agreements and some saying that the store/paint companies must factor that cost in when they are putting them out there. I say they probably do not think all these people will come in and take colors to give their kids a Valentine present at no cost to them.


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I'm not up in arms about people taking paint chips from the Home Depot, but to me it just seems like a bit of a waste of time. I have more coloured construction paper in my house than I know what to do with and for lots of those crafts paper would work just fine. And to be honest I never knew people even did that - take the samples for the purpose of making this stuff - before you posted it. But like if I worked in the paint dept and saw someone cleaning out the chips I'd be inclined to say something. It is theft I guess.

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Oh yeah, I'm not crazy upset over it...more of a is this a right/wrong situation lol.

Paper to me is so cheap...buy some for your house and make projects that way. I would feel so weird going to Lowe's and taking samples of different blues and greens lol.

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"Jessica80" wrote:

Oh yeah, I'm not crazy upset over it...more of a is this a right/wrong situation lol.

Paper to me is so cheap...buy some for your house and make projects that way. I would feel so weird going to Lowe's and taking samples of different blues and greens lol.

See, I'd want to be believable, so I'd pretend to be interested in the paint and just take a few chips. Then I'd go to another store and take a few more, etc. I could not, in good conscience Wink , take like 50 chips from one place. I'd need to spread my theft out a bit so it doesn't look like theft.

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haha that makes the giant pack of paper from Target even cheaper...who has money for gas like that?

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Our local hardware store has a sign that says "Please limit yourself to THREE sample cards. We are happy to help you narrow down your selections." That sign has been there for years & years. Tiven used to love those things, she'd try to grab a handful every time we were in there, and I'd make her put all but one of them back. (That worked until she learned to read and then she wanted to take three so I stopped letting her take any.) There's usually five colors on each card, so seriously, if you need more than 15 shades of blue, print them out at home & use your own color cartridges.

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oohh, I have to fess up to grabbing a couple each from a few stores in different greens to make marcus a minecraft creeper.... If I could buy them, I would, but it's the only way to get them!
I got them at walmart and lowes. I'm sure they don't pay for them, so I can't imagine they are out money for it. I'm not thinking the paint company is out too many dollars for the 12 I took...and I made sure to leave plenty so people could have them to pick from.
I don't know that I'd go looking for ways to use them because they are free though. That seems a little much. And I wouldn't put up any craft instructions telling people to go grab a bunch either.

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I let DS take 5 from Canadian Tire once cause something happened that made him really sad and I was trying to cheer him up. I felt really guilty about the whole thing, and wont do it again.

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I saw that on Pinterest, too, and it seemed a little odd to me. I personally wouldn't do it, but it wouldn't really bother me if someone else did as long as they weren't extreme about it.

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I didn't know people did that until this thread, lol.

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I saw that and it did really bother me for some reason, maybe because I used to be in retail and would see how loses like this could really cut into the bottom line.

I do have to share though that if you go to the counter and offer to buy things like this they will sell them. I needed paint stir stick for a craft my class was doing and they sold them to me at cost which was only .05 a stick

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I don't know. I'm not a craft person so I wouldn't need them but I think those things are incredibly cheap, the store probably doesn't pay for them, and the assumption is that people will take them. It has to be built into the paint companies' operational expenses.

That said, if you wanted, like, 30 of them for a project you should offer to pay for them or ask permission or something.

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Some of our teachers use those for various activities such as synonyms. The meanings of words and their synonyms get less intense in the same way the colors on the cards do. But they are shades of the same color.

I have no problem taking or asking. If I were doing a project and posting it, perhaps someone will ask what color/brand it is because they want to paint. Or I may want to paint in the future. AFAIK, the company isn't paying for them; it's advertising from the paint companies.

I also need many paint stirers every June. Lowe's gave them freely. I asked the lady at Walmart how much they were and she said I could only get them if I bought paint but then she gave me a bunch.

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It's not something I would do myself, I'd just call my Dad and ask if he could grab some for me because he works at a paint store.

I have a bit of a collection going anyway because we are looking at painting our house and I keep losing the damn things and forgetting what colours I was looking at, then finding that DS put them in a toddler safe place.