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Funeral Photo

A Dallas firefighter was killed and his funeral was yesterday. This heartbreaking picture of his children was on the news. A lot of comments on the article were complaining that this photo shouldn't have been publicized. What do you think?

Funeral today for Dallas firefighter killed last week - Dallas News |

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That is heartbreaking. Sad

I think that it really depends on the mom's wishes. If she did not approve the use of the photo, then absolutely not.

That said - I could see her (and the photographer's) wish to use this photo to make that personal connection with those viewing... to enable them to see that this was not only a loss of a firefighter for the community but a very real and sorrowful loss for the wife and children. It has the power to pull people's attention in a way that a panned shot of a draped casket and attendees just misses. As I don't know more of the story, perhaps there is a memorial fund set up for the children of those killed in the line of duty. This type of image engages and pushes action.

Again though - if they did this without the mom's permission... even though it appears to have been a public event, I'd object -- LOUDLY.

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San Francisco lost two firefighters a couple of years ago and their funeral was televised live. The families were photographed entering the cathedral with the caskets, but I seem to remember that they were not featured at all during the ceremony, with the exception of two relatives of each who chose to speak during the service. Most of the shots were from the back of the cathedral, and there were closeups of the priests, the mayor, and the fire chief, but nothing close on the family. I remember Princess Diana's funeral the same way; the young princes were seen walking with their father, grandfather, and uncle during the procession to the church, but not during the actual service. I'd be livid if my kids were photographed while mourning their father. OTOH, I think Missy might be right about how the image of kids crying at a funeral tugs heart strings, which in turn open purse strings.

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How tragic Sad

As for the picture being shown, if it was ok with the family then it's ok with me.


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Oh, I forgot about this one. I meant to respond and Smile

I find that first responders are often dehumanized in peoples minds. People criticize the actions of the firemen, policemen, paramedic, without thinking about the fact that these are human beings making decisions in a high stress environment every day.

Coming from the place of a policeman's wife, I would not be upset if a picture like this was used of my kids, although I would like to be asked first, because I think it really humanizes the firefighter, and that is never a bad thing.