Google Tax?

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Google Tax?

Germany is considering legislation that would impose a tax on search engines (generally called a "Google Tax") paid *each* time the search engine links to media content -- such as news articles and photographs. The premise is supposedly driven by copyright restrictions.

German Parliament sends 'Google Tax' to committee

What are your thoughts about that being suggested here?


My thought is if based upon copyright protections, how would that not apply to EVERY site that comes up in a google (or bing, or yahoo, etc.) search? All sites have their own copyright owned content -- including this one.

Personally, I do hope that this does not pass as I do believe that it would limit our ability to learn about news stories; to perform a search to find out how to get that stain out of the couch; or find out who was wrong on the internet today. Wink (Kim -- if I could, I'd personally buy you all those t-shirts you found for the "Debate Team! LOL)

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I agree completely. I am not in favor of this tax. I think it will severely limit many people's access to news (me included as I don't always have the time to sit and watch the local/national and world news on tv and I rarely commute so no radio).

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That would hurt everyone except the it'd probably pass here. I don't think it's acceptable. Publishers that think it's going to help them have to be stupid. I just don't understand people. Google will simply quit operating where it's not profitable.

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The UN is also preparing to vote on a similar bill.

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I dont get it. How is directing someone to your site against copyright?