Government imposed abortion?

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"Spacers" wrote:

Lots of women go through high-risk pregnancies because they understand the pros & cons of it and have the mental capacity to make their own decision. This woman has the mental capacity of a 6yo and her right to make her own decisions has been taken away from her. Her autonomy to her own body has been taken away, that's why her parents could place her in a secure facility without a court order. And IMHO her parents have lost the right to make decisions for her in this case by their lack of action when they knew she was getting out.

The choice is possibly traumatizing her a little bit by terminating the pregnancy early, or absolutely traumatizing her a lot both emtionally and physically by allowing her to continue a high-risk pregnancy and then taking "her baby" out of her arms & giving it to someone else. Wherever possible, I choose to subject my children, and all people, to the least amount of trauma.

I do not think it is any more traumatizing than forcing her to undergo surgery, abort a baby, and take both their rights away. And not just give the baby away, make it non-exisistant.

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I was out of town for the weekend, so I have just really skimmed over all the new stuff. It sounds like the parents, while definitely not perfect, are dealing with a lot of red tape when trying to make choices for her. I cant say what I would have done now, it sounds like there is a lot of regulations on what needs to happen in that state.