Great Senior Project or Lying and Deceptive?

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Great Senior Project or Lying and Deceptive?

Gaby Rodriguez faked her pregnancy for six months to gather information for her senior project: stereotyping. Read about it

What do you think? A creative and in-depth look at attitudes toward pregnant teens or ??

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It's a great project, although I wish they hadn't lied to the boyfriend's family. That is emotionally traumatizing, I would think, to go through the ups and downs of a teen pregnancy and then to find out it wasn't 'real' in the first place. So that part, I find disturbing.

Otherwise, I think this was a great social experiment and a good way to learn about the truth behind teen pregnancy and the stigma attached to it. People who would otherwise state that they were supportive because that's what society expects of them- were probably exposed as being very unsupportive- at least, that's what I would imagine. Look at that sweet quote from the girl's 'best friend'!

Anyways, I wish there was more behind the article- a little more in depth, but eh...