Hair weave ban in church?

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Hair weave ban in church?

Texas pastor says no to hair weaves in church - Your Community

An excerpt:

The 39-year-old pastor admits that he was raised in a strict household with parents who are members of the Islamic faith. He also acknowledged that he cannot legally prohibit women from wearing hair extensions in church, but did tell members of his leadership staff to leave their tracks at home.

?Our black women are getting weaves trying to be something and someone they are not. Be real with yourself is all I?m saying? said Aamir.

But it?s not just vanity that?s got his goat ? Amir says that the prevalence of weaves among his parishioners, whose average age is 22, is also a financial issue.

?I lead a church where our members are struggling financially. I mean really struggling. ?Yet, a 26-year-old mother in my church has a $300 weave on her head. NO. I will not be quiet about this,? he said.

Okay, like we all realize it's not enforceable, but is there an underlying message here? Does the pastor make any valid points? Or, is he overstepping?

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I can see his point, but it is a little strange to single out just this one thing. I mean what if someone spent $300 on a dress instead? Or what if someone is paying $300 extra a month to drive an expensive car? There are many vanity items that people spend money on, I think his message would have come across a little better if he hadn't pointed out just this one thing.

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I think churches a private and should be able to have whatever rules they want. That said, it does not sound like a church I would ever want to go to.

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I didn't read anything about him banning men with toupees or hair transplants. What about artificial nails, boob jobs, expensive dye jobs?

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I don't think a church should be so judgmental of their members.

IME, many of the students I know who have had weaves have a family member that does them. It can be expensive but doesn't have to be.

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I would ask him... what if her husband wants her to have a weave.. aren't we wives supposed to submit to our husbands?

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Hes pointing out a legit problem in the black community, but doing it in a stupid way. Have you guys ever seen the documentary, I think it was called hair? Or something like that? All about weaves and whatnot? It blew me away. I had NO IDEA what was being spent. What an insane industry. People who had NOTHING were dropping mad money on their weave. Its a totally foreign world to me.

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I understand his point and i think strict rules will appeal to some moreso than others. Some people gravitate towards having a lot of rules instead of making decisions for themselves.

I guess I don't know if i find the fact that he has made such a rule inherently wrong...just such control is not going to appeal to a lot of people. Since no one is forced to belong to that church, i don't really care all that much.

Some religions say women have to wear skirts and dresses only. I find the message attached to his rule far more appealing than this rule.

But in the end, i would not want so much control over my personal choices. If i don't do my hair a certain way, I want it to be because i have decided on my own its important to not do it that way (or just don't want to do it that way).

Melissa, i haven't seen that documentary but i wanted to! I did learn some about this in one of my sociology classes though. We read a book in which part of it was about this caucasian girl who chose to go to a predominantly african american college for a semester in some sort of special exchange program and she learned a lot about african american culture and their emphasis and practices around appearance.