Here's a fun one - Too much skin?

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Here's a fun one - Too much skin?

New uniforms for the women

The Dallas Mavericks Dancers

Why do the women wear less while the men wear more? I vote we make the hot, cut men dress in almost nothingness Wink

Too little for these ladies to wear?

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Hmm. Very Julia Roberts-esque....a la Pretty Woman.

I got nothing.

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Not much...I don't think they are very cute though.

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Reason #742 why I hope my daughters don't want to be cheerleaders/dancers.

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Too little, no, but I find the design a little tacky. I think they could have picked a different design. I think it's funny in one of the pictures linked you could see one woman's tan line from her swimsuit bottoms.

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I just don't like them. They are not very flattering.

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Not flattering at all. I actually hate the uniforms worn by cheerleaders/dancers right now. I think it takes away from the skills they are showing.