High School Halftime show -- appropriate or no?

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High School Halftime show -- appropriate or no?

Was this halftime show political or silly?

Short version: A Beaumont, TX High School Marching band put on a halftime show that stirred a controversy. Within the skit, two students portray candidates Romney and Obama engaged in a 'dance-off' vs. debate. Then, enter Big Bird who proceeds to punch "Romney" in the face and knock him out.

Debate questions:

Do you think that this was appropriate for a high school event?

Would you feel differently if the "candidate" slugged was Obama instead of Romney?

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There would be no reason for Big Bird to slug Obama because he wasn't the one who said he would de-fund PBS. Blum 3

I can't hear any sound since my earpiece got vacuumed the other day but it looks to me like they all ended up dancing together. What's the problem? They're being silly and topical, I don't see any particular political agenda behind it.

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I didn't see anything wrong with it. I think getting kids engaged in the political conversation is appropriate-- and in the end they danced together and shook hands. Seemed to be in good spirits/sport.

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Eh, i don't think it was a big deal. Political humor. Like Audra, i think its good to get kids engaged in politics. Making it fun isn't a bad thing.

My elementary school kids had a mock vote at at school, i thought it was great. Romney won but the main reason given by my 9 year old (he voted for Obama) was that the kids were worried Obama was going to take away summer vacation Smile

My 11 year old goes to a different school, a private one and they aren't even allowed to talk about politics there. I was surprised to hear this and it really bothered me.

And the big bird slugging Romney thing. Doesn't seem like a big deal to me. I mean even Republicans have to 'get it'. A mild mannered and somewhat naive fictional character is threatened with funding cuts? Its kind of funny to think about big bird dishing out some retribution.

Of course one could have an objection about showing proper respect towards all presidents and presidential candidates, but that really seems to have gone out the windows a looooong time ago.

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I can't see the video from work, but it sounds funny to me. Funny haha, not funny strange. I also don't think it's wrong for kids to get involved in thinking about and talking about politics. Heck, some of those kids are old enough to vote themselves! I think it's possible to take the humor too far, like if they showed something really violent happening to one or both of the candidates, but the whole "being punched by Big Bird" seems pretty light hearted and silly to me.

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Funny. Wish they had used Ron Paul as the puncher as one article mentioned! Or that President Obama had been punched by a Navy Seal. Still shouldn't have been done if one candidate was shown preferential treatment over the other. Even if BB did shake his hand afterward. A Plain old dance-off would have been acceptable. One candidate being punched is not acceptable. Both candidates being punched would have been acceptable.

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It is ok since it happened in Texas and Romney is going to carry this state easily anyway. Now if it happened in Ohio it might have been a big deal Smile