Holiday weekend -- do you stay put, or get away?

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Holiday weekend -- do you stay put, or get away?

I can't stand to travel on holiday weekends. Sure, it's nice to have an extra day off work, but what's the point when it takes three times as long to get anywhere? With the notable exception of my 40th birthday, which coincided with the 4th of July long weekend & which I wanted to celebrate with family in Sacramento, I usually prefer stick around town on holiday weekends. I use a vacation day or two to make my own long weekend some other time when everyone else is staying home. I hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend, wherever you go & whatever you do! Blum 3

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We typically spend memorial day at the Oregon coast with a bunch of families from church riding bikes and going on hikes, it is usually the perfect kick off to camping season. This year we stayed home to deal with 4-H projects, and I am super bummed sitting here. We refuse to go anywhere on 4th of july or labor day, just to busy and people getting totally out of hand

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This is my birthday weekend so we usually stick close to home. Having a kid free dinner Sunday and then Monday going to a local festival (smallish). We don't make trips for holiday times.

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We stick close to home, typically. It is our anniversary and we usually spend one night out-- and the other days doing outside house projects (this weekend we have 7 tons of river rock being delivered and my dh plans to put up a new playscape/climber for our kids.)

We love to camp-- but not on the super busy weekends. I'm happy to have a long weekend at home. We also have a bunch of stuff going on-- open houses for some high school graduates, dinner with friends, hike with friends, etc.

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We take holidays when it works for us... Between my shift work, DH long hours, and the kids activities, just because it is holiday certainly doesn't mean we're free! Last weekend was a holiday in Canada, and coincidently DH and I went away (leaving the kids with Grandma) for a pre-baby holiday and I worked the stat on Monday when we got home.

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My hubby works pretty much every weekend incluing long weekends. We never go on holidays, the most we get is visiting my Mum overnight if the stars align and he gets a weekend off or leave super late Saturday night to spend a Sunday in my home town. We just save money and never take holidays anywhere at any time.

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It varies. Some times we stay put sometimes we go somewhere. Usually to visit my family. Either my parents and siblings in upstate NY or my sister on the Cape.

3 days seems really short for traveling these days so typcially i don't like to do it unless we take an extra day or two on one side or another. I used to be more open to traveling on 3 day weekends a while ago, but now that i have more vacation time than i used to I'd rather plan longer trips.

This Memorial day weekend I'm staying here and don't have a lot planned. Right now a long weekend with nothing scheduled is just what i needed. Things have been REALLY busy both work and family life-wise and they will continue to be that way for a while. So an unscheduled three day weekend? Perfect to me.

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We always go away for long weekends. We are lucky in that we have land about 1.5 hrs away and it's heaven. We take our trailer and the kids play and run like crazy. The stars are magnificent, the bugs not so much, but nothing beats sitting around a campfire listening to someone play the guitar. Love it. I love getting up with my morning coffee and going for a walk in the woods looking for wildflowers or berries. We just don't have that in the city. Sometimes for long weekends we go to BC - usually Fairmont area but I want to take a week and go back to Shuswap Lake. DH's family has an annual trip out there and while I'm not crazy about standing in a circle holding hands before each meal singing Kumbaya or Johnny Appleseed, there's tons of stuff for the kids to do.

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I'm in Vegas this weekend. It is Punk Rock Bowling so this is the 2nd year in a row. Fortunately it isn't too far in distance but it will be a test of patience on Monday.

We don't usually travel for 3-day weekends. There are so many of them in the year that it doesn't seem worth the cost or trouble. I'd rather go away during the summer when some places are cheaper. Places just get too crowded for my liking.

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We don't go off for long weekends, but instead save our vacations for the summer. We have two beach trips coming up in June so we have that to look forward to. This weekend we're just hanging at home, doing some deep cleaning and trying out some new recipes. We've been so busy lately it is nice to just be home and keep it casual.