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Thread: How do we feel about Oprah? (fluff)

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    When I take a step back, I have a tremendous amount of admiration for what she has accomplished. Against all odds, she built an empire, and I do think that she has used that empire to do some very good things, and that somewhere in her heart, she really does want to do good in the world, and tries to do that as part of her MO.

    That said, I don't watch her, I don't really share many of her opinions, and I find the Cult of Oprah really really annoying. I loved when she was on 30 Rock and they were making fun of the way she tells people to like things. (Sweater capes!) I have no interest in her opinions.

    It's like this: I love that she started a book club and encouraged people to care about reading; I hated that she would endorse a book and it would sell gajillions based only on her say-so, and I deliberately avoided buying editions of books with the Oprah's Book Club stamp on them. I found it annoying.

    I still admire her for her achievements, and I also think she was kickass in The Color Purple.
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    I don't think I've ever watched her show. Nothing personal, I'm just not into talk shows. Having said that, my over all impression of her is positive. She seems like a smart lady who has worked hard and tries to do good in the world. That's admirable. LOL Melissa, I never really gave much thought to her being on the cover of O magazine every month (which I've also never read.) That's really funny, now that you mention it. LOL
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