I'm back! (link to slideshow)

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I'm back! (link to slideshow)

I made a slideshow a few minutes ago detailing my trip with Animal Balance. I got home yesterday morning. It is hard to put into words how it's changed me. It was a very successful trip. Thank you so much for the donations, thoughts and well wishes.


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Awwww.......Danielle, that was really beautiful! Thank you for sharing that with us! Looks like your help was much needed there and I'm glad that you got to go and experience that.

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Thanks for sharing, the pictures are great and brought tears to my eyes!

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Reall beautiful - thanks so much for sharing!

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How wonderful! Thanks for sharing - it looks like a really amazing trip.

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Wow - love the slideshow. Amazing work!

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I just got a chance to watch it from my computer since I almost always login from my phone. Amazing work you guys did down there, thank you for sharing the experience with us.