Internal Bra?

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Internal Bra?

Do you think you would ever consider this?

[h=1]New ?Internal Bra? Promises Permanent Push-Up[/h]

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"MissyJ" wrote:

Do you think you would ever consider this?

[h=1]New ?Internal Bra? Promises Permanent Push-Up[/h]

Hard for me to answer because i cannot relate to needing something like this. I mean if it were to help with some sort of permanent pain that i was desperate to get rid of, maybe i would consider it. But without that experience, I'd have to say no...implanting something in my body in general is something I'd rather avoid if i can. Screw it in place! Ack.

And I'm not saying i would never take any sort of implant...i would, if i was in enough pain or felt physically debilitated and something like this was the only source of potential relief. So i suppose only under that situation would i ever consider this.

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While I would love to have smaller, perkier boobs, not enough that I would have surgery for it. Especially not one that is only temporary.

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My G-cup breasts and I say no thank you! :shock: Implanted into my rib cage? Yikes, and what happens after the five years or so? Do you have to have the hardware removed, or just suffer with saggy breasts again *and* pieces of netting, wires, and screws in your body? And how does it feel to someone from the outside? I can't imagine my husband wanting to fondle a breast if he could feel that stuff.

That said, the only time I think this could be good is for breast cancer survivors who are undergoing reconstruction on one breast. I've known a number of breast cancer survivors IRL and they all complain about how their "new" breast is far perkier than the "old" one, and they don't match up anymore. This would be nice for them, I think, but I'm betting most women would far prefer a nice supportive bra that doesn't require surgery, and that can easily be removed if you decide you don't like it after all.

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I dont think I would ever feel the need for something like this, as I am very small chested so I cant really relate?

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I can see this as an option for some people but there is no way I would do this.