Jail or freedom

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Jail or freedom

Which do you think that Cornealious "Mike" Anderson should receive now?

Missouri AG Says State Error, Self-Rehabilitation 'Deserve Recognition' In Case of Forgotten 13-Year Sentence

Short summary from article:

Anderson was sentenced to 13 years in prison in 2000 for helping rob a Burger King employee a year earlier, when he was 22 years old. He was granted bail pending appeal and when his appeals were exhausted waited for a date to surrender, which never came.

He got married, bought a house, fathered four children and became a taxpaying, churchgoing small-business man.

The state realized its error in July 2013, when prison officials slated to release Anderson found he never served his sentence. He was arrested and taken to prison to begin the stretch, and he?s arguing that amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.

Another article with a few more details:

Man jailed after clerical error kept him free for 13 years

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Freedom. I'm actually more appalled at the fact that he got 13 YEARS in PRISON for robbing a Burger King in the first place than I am that he "escaped justice" for the past 13 years. No one was even hurt, for crying out loud. The state clearly made many mistakes in not taking him into custody at the time, and in not realizing year after year that he wasn't in the prison system. And I think Mr. Anderson has clearly turned himself around, something that probably would not have happened if he'd gone to prison in the first place. He served 10 months in county jail, and that's enough.

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The justice system knew where he was and made no efforts to bring him in until now. If he had no fixed address or was actively evading the law, that would be different.

I feel quite strongly that people should be punished for their crimes. However, that punishment does not have to be in jail. There are too many people in them who need to be there. I don't think this man is a threat to reoffend or to the general population. If they really feel that punishment is still required, he should do some form of community service. That way, he can still have his job, and their kids can still have their father.

13 years is a really long time. Is that a mandatory sentence for armed robbery? I've seen murderers get less.

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At this point, it's clear he learned a lesson and went on to better things. The time is too late for this in my opinion.

Sentence is a bit much for the crime.