Jimmy Fallon future on the Tonight Show

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Jimmy Fallon future on the Tonight Show

Do any of you regularly watch the Tonight Show? I admittedly watch very rarely but I did catch Jay Leno's farewell and then watched Jimmy Fallon's premiere episode for comparison.

Those familiar with the history of the show realize that NBC attempted to replace Jay before with Conan O'Brien. Ratings plummeted and Jay returned.

Do you believe that Jimmy Fallon has lasting appeal? Too early to tell or not a chance?

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My personal take is while I thought Jay Leno did a fabulous job for his target audience -- Jimmy Fallon does have some lasting potential. He seemed to try to reach out to all aspects of the viewers... had fun to bring in the new while providing some reassurance to the older "Leno" followers that he wasn't trying to alienate them along the way.

One major challenge that I think he may have is competing with Letterman for celebrity guests as the show moved (back) to New York... esp. once the 'newness' has waned. I admire him for trying not to uproot his family and actually think it is cool from a historical perspective... but hope that it is not going to work against him.

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I haven't seen enough of Jimmy Fallon to be able to make a prediction. I'm not a late-night TV viewer anymore. Sad The only things I've seen of his since he left SNL are some of his (awesome & incredible) musical impressions, if you can call them that, they're more like being-the-performer-ances, LOL! He's brilliant at that kind of character stuff but the Tonight Show is so much more than that.

I loved Jay Leno as a stand-up comic, but I found him downright annoying as an interviewer on the Tonight Show. He seemed to either try to get more audience attention than his guests, or he appeared to be bored and not even really trying to make it fun. I'm actually surprised the show lasted as long with him as it did. I loved the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson! He didn't mind his guests taking the spotlight, and he was able to turn even the most uninteresting guest into something fun to watch. If I'm up late now, I watch David Letterman. He's definitely as good as Johnny was.

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I like Leno, and I am not sure why they made the change when he was still #1 in the ratings. I really liked that he was equal with his humor, he made just as much fun of Obama as he did Bush and Clinton.

Incidentally, I met Jay Leno when I was pg with dd 1 at a car show. He was super nice. Talked to me for a while about my pregnancy and offered to buy DH a beer

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I stopped watching those shows years ago, but David Letterman is the only one I've ever liked. (I liked Johnny Carson as a kid.) Every once in a while, if I'm on a trip or something, I catch a bit of Letterman and remember why I loved him!

I didn't think Jay Leno was funny, and I'm not a Jimmy Fallon fan, although I like that he tries lots of things other people aren't doing. I don't even watch him but I read entertainment news & what not so I keep up.

Late night tv for me is going to be something fictional, not interviews with celebrities promoting their latest movies/tv/whatever.

I used to LOVE Letterman's stunts! Walking around in a giant bubble, velcro suit....good stuff.