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Thread: Julie Chen plastic surgery

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimPossible View Post
    Well yes, we have this issue of beauty in general..but I think its fair to point out that dismissing an entire race's pretty typical/identifying features as being unappealing is particularly bothersome and an indicator of even bigger problems then just our society's obsession with beauty. I do agree with others that it is probably better now than it was back then.

    Well maybe not better, just that the groups of people who fall victim to these problems are different. I think South Asians have more problems than Eastern Asians these days. Take the Miss America thing for example.
    I agree with this. It reminds me of how the African American women in the entertainment/beauty industry are more likely to be considered attractive if they have more Euro-centric features (think Halle Barry or Beyonce.) The beauty standards are bad enough, but completely canceling out the typical features of entire races as not being attractive simply because they are "not like white people" takes it to a whole new level of gross.

    Plastic surgery in general is something that I'm torn on because I do think that we should all have the right to do make a decision about our body that hopefully makes us happier and more confident. On the other hand, I kind of hate that anyone feels the need to go under the knife to feel happy and confident. I want society to change to be more embracing of differences, rather than taking that decision away from the individuals. And then when you add the racism element into it, it's even worse.

    It's kind of weird to me that we seem to say that only certain features can be considered beautiul. Humans seem to be hardwired to notice and enjoy novelty, so you would think that we would really embrace diversity of looks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KimPossible View Post
    So are you saying that its okay for us to say that asians are not appealing to the eye because we live in the US and are not somewhere in Asia? Like "Well, she lives in the US...of course she has(had) the wrong face"

    ?? (yes i'm putting words in your mouth so i expect you to say thats not what you meant, but i'm looking for the alternative explanation to what your point actually is)

    ETA: i just watched a video (because the link was on the front page of msn) and she has never had any plastic surgery aside from her eyes

    Videos on MSN TV
    Completely OT, but I would love to have access to a makeup artist like that.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AlyssaEimers View Post
    Completely OT, but I would love to have access to a makeup artist like that.
    I'd definitely like to try it at least once...just to see what it looks like LOL

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