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Lance Armstrong

I've copied only the relevant paragraphs to my questions, read the full story here: Lance Armstrong confronts doping charges in interview | Reuters

USA Today and other media said on Monday that Armstrong confessed to the doping in an interview with Oprah Winfrey to be aired later this week. The talk show host confirmed the reports on Tuesday in an appearance on the "CBS This Morning" show.

If a damning confession emerges, Armstrong faces the prospect of jail time, according to at least one lawyer, and the return of millions of dollars in repayments for lying about his alleged use of performance enhancing drugs during his career.

Andrew Stoltmann, a Chicago attorney, said an admission that he lied and cheated his way to the top could have serious legal implications for Armstrong.

"Having previously testified under oath and denying the doping allegations, Armstrong's admissions would make perjury or obstruction of justice charges a relatively easy charge for prosecutors," Stoltmann said.

"His past sponsors, including Nike, Anheuser-Busch and even smaller brands like FRS and Honey Stinger, could potentially sue him for brand damages associated with his admission."

Should Lance Armstrong face perjury or obstruction of justice charges? What about brand damage lawsuits from sponsors? Should any of the potential penalties be mitigated if he agrees to testify against others?

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Personally I wish he would slink off like a dog and just disappear. However, it appears his MASSIVE ego will prevent him from doing so, so I guess the world will have to suffer through reading more about this jerk, unfortunately. I loathe him, personally.

Should he face charges? Yes. Yes, he should also face brand damage repayment, the USPO alone sponsored his team to the tune of some $30 MILLION dollars, and the post office can hardly afford that sort of outlay of cash, seeing as how they are already using our money into a black hole of their incompetence. I would be happy to see LA have to pay some of that money back.

And NO, I don't believe that he should get any sort of shelter or mitigated charges if he agrees to testify. I think that he and his handlers ran an extremely tight ship of intimidation and rewards.......and for him to then reap the rewards of the leverage he held over his teammates and the doctors and whatnot who supplied them with drugs in order for THEM to be prosecuted while he is immune to charges would be an absolute injustice, IMO. He used his power and recognition to protect his secret, the thought of him now using it to grant himself immunity as he turns his underlings in makes my stomach turn ~ it would NOT be justice, IMO.

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I think he should have to face the necessary consequences of his actions. I will say I am very disappointed by this. I saw an interview with him years ago and really had believed he was innocent.

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I LOVE what you said potter, you made me laugh here at work!

I dislike the man as a person. He totally destroyed any person that dared accuse him of cheating. Like David Walsh, and Frankie Andreu. I think he should have to pay them each damages and personally apologize. From someone with his ego? I think personal apologies would be worse than death.

I kind of hope they take everything he has and split it among the damaged parties, from the people he hurt, to the cancer patients that feel betrayed, to the sponsors he took money from under false pretenses.

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I think the court should throw the book at him on the perjury charges. He had the opportunity to tell the truth but he continued to lie and cheat. I think he should have to pay back ever penny in endorsements he earned and every penny he earned from Livestrong aside from what was directly contributed to cancer research. I think people really championed him, you know? And I think people feel extremely deceived and let down. That's just the public, let alone what all his corporate sponsors must think of this. Jail? IDK. I can't see him doing jail time, although that's just what I think the outcome will be and not necessarily what I think. I don't know if jail will serve any purpose.

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Yes, he wanted to be an example and screwed up, let him be an example for people that justice will be served.

Brand Damage-No, I don't think any company that previously used him actually suffered any losses; if anything people are going to be sympathetic to their plight and feel bad for the company. Maybe up to the point that they paid out, but nothing beyond that.

No, he shouldn't be allowed any leniency for hurting other people again.