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Thread: Laws about Baby Names?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blather View Post
    FU spelled out is a common name in some countries. I would be very angry if I was to immigrate to the US and some ignoramus made my family change our surname.

    I think Messiah is a ridiculous name, but so is Nevaeh. But no judge should have the right to change a child's name when the parents have custody of them.
    Word. She should have named him Haissem, which is actually kinda not too ridiculous, strangely enough.

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    I remember a few years ago some parents named their son Adolf Hitler. I feel sorry for that child, but he can always change his name when he gets older if he really wants to. I think this judge overstepped, they should be able to name their child anything they want. People name their kids Jesus all the time, I don't see how that is any different. In fact one of my co-workers is named Jesus. We are always joking with him about it.
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