Legalised Pot

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Legalised Pot

Pot Legalization Goes Federal - ABC News

Should pot become legal? Why or why not?

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Yes. Because its fun and makes people happy.

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What Melis said. Smile

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Yes! For the reasons that Melis gave. And because it is a huge waste of money and resources to keep it illegal. Legalize and let the police and justice system deal with real crime. Legalize and tax it so that we can use that money instead of just letting the gangs have it. Prohibition doesn't work. It is just throwing money away.

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Yes! And tax it.

Love that it is legal in my state for recreational use.

And that we can have and grow our own plants.

Because sometimes it is fun to get high with friends. And this way people actually know what they are smoking/ingesting and it isn't cut with drugs that are actually dangerous.

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Yep! Legalize it. And from what I've read, areas that have dispensaries (places where you can legally buy pot) actually typically see a decrease in crime, or at least they have here in Denver where there have been dispensaries for several years (we were an MMJ state, but the "medical" piece of that was a complete farce. LOL) I can't decide if I think that's because the drug trade has gone down in those areas, or because the people that live there are too lazy and hungry to go commit crimes...:lol: